Lecture Tours

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EAGE Student Lecture Europe 2018-2019 24.04.2019 | EAGE Student Lecture
Patrick Connolly: Probabilistic Seismic Inversion for Reservoir Properties
SEG Honorary Lecture Europe 2019 12.02.2019 | SEG Honorary Lecture
Dirk Gajewski: Wavefront attributes – A tool for processing, imaging, and model building
SEG Honorary Lecture Europe 2018 17.04.2018 | SEG Honorary Lecture
Ivan Vasconcelos: Full-wavefield focusing in seismic imaging – Concepts, applications, and examples
SEG Honorary Lecture Europe 2017 24.02.2017 | SEG Honorary Lecture
Martin Landrø: New trends in marine seismic acquisition – possibilities and impact on data quality
SEG/AAPG Distinguished Lecture Fall 2016 11.11.2016 | SEG/AAPG Distinguished Lecture
Steven Constable: Marine EM: The Past, The Present, and The Future
EAGE Student Lecture Europe 2014-2015 24.02.2015 | EAGE Student Lecture
Paolo Dell'Aversana: Integrated Geophysical Models - Theory, examples and implications on creativity
SEG Honorary Lecture Europe 2015 10.02.2015 | SEG Honorary Lecture
Evgeny Landa: Pitfalls and challenges of seismic imaging
SEG Honorary Lecture Europe 2014 28.04.2014 | SEG Honorary Lecture
Laurent Sirgue: Full waveform inversion of seismic data: Investigating the Earth for high-resolution velocities and more...
SEG Honorary Lecture Near Surface 2013 03.09.2013 | SEG Honorary Lecture
Valentina Socco: Surface wave analysis for near-surface characterization: Introduction, theme and variations
SEG Distinguished Lecture Spring 2013 28.03.2013 | SEG Distinguished Lecture
Gerard T. Schuster: Seismic Interferometry and Beyond – Harvesting Signal from Coherent Noise
SEG Honorary Lecture Near Surface 2012 01.10.2012 | SEG Honorary Lecture
Richard Miller: Near-surface seismic: More than a problem of scale
SEG Honorary Lecture Europe 2012 03.04.2012 | SEG Honorary Lecture
Ian Jones: From imaging to inversion
SEG Honorary Lecture Europe 2011 10.05.2011 | SEG Honorary Lecture
Lucy MacGregor: Integrating well log, seismic, and CSEM data for reservoir characterization
SEG Honorary Lecture Europe 2010 28.06.2010 | SEG Honorary Lecture
Aldo Vesnaver: Talking and listening to reservoirs: Production monitoring by active and passive seismic
SEG Distinguished Lecture Fall 2009 09.10.2009 | SEG Distinguished Lecture
Craig J. Beasley: Lessons learned from simultaneous source investigations
SEG Honorary Lecture Europe 2009 11.05.2009 | SEG Honorary Lecture
Per Avseth: Mind the gap in seismic reservoir prediction: How rock physics can bridge the gap between qualitative geology and quantitative geophysics
SEG Distinguished Lecture Fall 2008 01.10.2008 | SEG Distinguished Lecture
Peter M. Duncan: Aggressively passive: Microseismic opportunities over an oilfield’s life