EAGE Geophysics Boot Camp

(by Martin)

Emlichheim, 30 March – 12 April 2014

In spring 2014, the second EAGE Geophysics Boot Camp took place on Wintershall's Emlichheim oil field. Two SGS members were able to participate in the event.

More than 50 young geoscientists took the chance to practise geophysical data acquisition besides their regular jobs or studies. Each six-days programme started Sunday with a field trip which was guided by geologists from the Dutch TNO. The attendants investigated the regional geology and characterised the reservoir using rock parameter estimations based on their own field observations.

The actual geophysical survey was carried out during the following five days. The main objectives included imaging of the reservoir rocks with the reflection seismics method and the supportive application of refraction seismics, magnetics, gravimetry, ground-penetrating radar and DGPS to prospect the shallow subsurface. Additionally, the lodging, history-charged Kloster Frenswegen, provided an opportunity to apply geophysical methods in an archaeological context. Subsurface structures like foundations and pipelines could be displayed successfully.

The acquired data were examined and evaluated in the evenings. After work, the attendants could grab a glass of wine and socialise with students and professionals in the "Boot Café".

Despite (or thanks to?) the hard work during data acquisition, we look back to a week of valuable experience and many new contacts. We thank EAGE and Wintershall as well as the associated organisations for the realisation of an exciting boot camp!

Photos: EAGE / SGS