84th SEG Annual Meeting
in Denver, USA

(by Florian)

All three SEG Student Chapter Officers went this years 84th Annual Meeting of the SEG in Denver. Lennart successfully applyied for the SLS and Aglaja and Florian used the travel grant that was awarded in addition to the "SEG Best Student Chapter 2013" Award last year in Houston.

We had plenty of time exploring the city before the Icebreaker took off on sunday. After the registration we received the goodie bags, this time a sports bag. The program in the student pavilion already started during the icebreaker so we headed there to attend the SLS Alumni Night. The purpose of this Alumni Night is to exchange experiences with former SLS Attendees and meet old and new friends. The Exhibition lasted from Monday to Wednesday and there was enough time to explore the wide variety of companies that were exhibiting.

Besides exploring the exhibition ground students had the chance to attend all the presentations, workshops and lectures offered in the student pavilion. Highlights were the Resumée Writing Workshop, when the speaker presented a made up resumée and examined its strengths and weaknesses, and the Student Career panel, where speakers from different professions talked about their working life, the advantages and disadvantages of working in their profession , which all in all will hopefully help us choose the best place to work in. The company presentations were also a good opportunity to check if one can identify with the company or not. In the evenings SEG offered a lot of events to go to. We attended the Open Mic Night, a slam for all "talented" people, and the Student Networking Event but also went to bars with friends. On Wednesday noon we had to attend the IGSC Panel, where former organizers gave comments on their own IGSC. Talking about advantages, disadvantages as well as why they did it and what they learned from organizing it transformed the podium talks into quite a successful event and lesson for future organizers. Right after we talked about our experiences we exchanged contact details with the african student chapter.

The final event in the student pavilion was the marathon-like award show. Each and every SEP and SLS participant as well as other prize winners were given a certificate. In the very end the best student chapters as well as the 14 best student chapters were finally awarded their corresponding trophies. Unfortunately we had to leave early to fly back to Berlin but Lennart collected our, once again, "Summit Student Chapter" trophy.

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Photos: Lennart / Florian