75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition

(by Florian)

 From June 10 to 13, 2013 9 SGS members and several members to-be travelled to London, to participate in the 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibiton. In the ExCeL in the eastern part of London there was enough space to host this huge event with several thousand attendees and hundreds of exhibitors.

Every morning at 9 o´clock breakfast (Croissants, Bagels, Muffins) was prepared for the early birds. Coffee was served throughout the day until 3 p.m. Then it was exchanged for afternoon drinks.

At the exhibition itself students could have conversations with all the companies about their work and their offers for students. Because of the fact that there were many companies with giveaways the bags were very heavy i.e. filled with advertisment and goodies in the evening.

There was also presentations and talks during the conference where few of us gave a talk about their studies. The huge program for students was filled with many activities including an exhibition tour, shourt courses, workshops, trial interviews, different challenges and many more. During the workshop Shell presented their view on the upcoming generation of gescientists and the oil and gas industry development. A former student who got into one of Shell´s graduate programs gave a presentation about their experience in the company.

The short course addressed the subject of "tectonic settings and gas/oil fields". The speaker got through a variety of different tectonic settings and analyzed where to find and how to judge the quality of ressources (oil and gas).

One of the highlights happened to be the conference evening in the Natural History Museum. The whole museum was booked and reserved for the attendees to have a look at the faboulous pieces of nature and history. Lots of different food was prepared and presented and almost every big hall contained a music act i.e. live band, DJ, classical ensemble. Another highlight was the huge mass of gifts we won in the challenges and the competitions including travel grants, LEGO container ships and an Apple TV box as well as different small gifts.

We will definitely take part in the 76th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibiton in Amsterdam. Hopefully with an even larger group of SGS members.

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Photos: Florian / SGS